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The SNP's Strong Leadership Has Been Crucial to its Success
The SNP's success has been due to the disillusionment with Westminster, true. But its successful and strategic cult of leadership cannot be ignored.
John Lloyd
What Keir Starmer Can Learn From the History of Labour Leader Documentaries
Keir Starmer's interest in undertaking a-fly-on-the-wall documentary to revive his faltering leadership is a classic move in the history of Labour leaders.
Christopher Massey
Labour Doesn’t Have a Story For How The Pandemic Ends
Political storytelling will dictate how the pandemic is remembered. The Labour Party doesn’t have a clue.
Zeyd Anwar
Labour Must Look to its Opportunities and Beyond its Failures
Rather than focusing on its history, Labour should see beyond the past and towards a better future.
Mike Buckley
We've Been Here Before
Tory sleaze and cronyism is nothing new — it is a by-product of a party too comfortable with political power and little accountability.
Zeyd Anwar