Foreign Affairs

A look at Britain's place in the world, its neighbours and international affairs.
The Trump Presidency: In Pictures
After four tumultuous years, the Trump Presidency finally comes to an end.
Zeyd Anwar
Brexit and the Art of Brinkmanship
Rather than an act of bravado against Brussels, Boris Johnson would have been sage to look at Napoleon’s past failures.
Zeyd Anwar
Outer Space: The Arrival of Cosmos Capitalism
The new space age will usher in a new form of capitalism, led by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs looking to inject their wealth deep into the cosmos.
Zeyd Anwar
World War I: In Colour
A look at The Great War in depth.
Zeyd Anwar
The Return of Centrism
The Biden Presidency lays down the fertile conditions for the Labour Party's ascent.
Zarlush Zaidi