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The Making of Michael Gove
Polite but an ideologue, well-spoken yet coldblooded, Gove is on a quest to become the most powerful man in Britain's government.
The Labour Party’s Survival Depends on a Convincing Narrative
Time will tell whether the Labour Party has learnt from its past four defeats.

Foreign Affairs

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How the Republican Party Parted Ways With Republicanism
Trump's legacy will be the erosion of traditional Republican values.
The Future World Order
The world’s first “digidemic” will usher in a new philosophy of government.


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The Age of Fakes
How the culture of deception fosters a cyber state of nature.
Keir Starmer's Quest to Revive Patriotism for the Left
Keir Starmer faces two big challenges in making Labour the party of Britain: redefining patriotism and tackling the party's English problem.


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How Our Meritocracy Turned Tyrannical
The age of merit fuelled a populist revolt.
AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley and the New World Order
China's superpower status was not accidental, it was meticulously engineered.