We welcome writers to pitch articles to Res Publica. External pitches are critical to our mission that aims to give people a platform to express their ideas. Likewise, contributions provide the opportunity for the exploration of new insights by writers that have no institutional connection with Res Publica, whose views which will often be divergent from our own.
Res Publica accepts pieces relating to politics, culture, international affairs and reviews. The following categories of writing can be submitted:

Arguments: These reflect the author’s opinion about a certain subject.

Reviews: These can review books, films, music and art.

Essays: These can be of any length. These can articulate political or cultural ideas, historical pieces, experiences, concepts, philosophies or policies. The list is endless.

It is important you choose an objective for your article. Perhaps you may decide to open people’s eyes by proving the status quo wrong, or articulate an idea that cuts through the noise. You may also want to identify knew trends on a topic, predict the future, share a solution to a tough problem or tell a suspenseful or emotional story that imparts an important lesson. There are no hard or fast rules. All we ask is that articles be analytical, bold and well written.
To submit your article, email with the following details:
The full text of the piece copied and pasted in the body of the email, stating which of the categories it is intended to fall into and the objective of your article;
If used, full sources for any research with hyperlinks back to the original material;
A few lines about yourself and your background;
Confirmation that you are the sole author of the work;
Confirmation that you are offering Res Publica exclusive publication rights. We do not accept pieces published elsewhere.
We endeavour to get back within three days.


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