An Affair of Good Ideas.”


Res Publica is a British political and cultural magazine focusing on the big issues of the day, providing analysis and commentary on British politics, culture, foreign affairs, as well as reviews of literature, books, films and art.
Published under the name Res Publica, the Latin phrase owes its origins to Ancient Rome, where statesmen—ranging from Cicero to Caesar —would use term to refer to the “public affair”, the “people”, the “republic” and even the “state”.
The beauty, however, of Res Publica is that it has no fixed meaning, yet pertains to something profound about politics—that it takes place in the public sphere, a concept that traces back to Rawlsian and Arendtian thought.
For this reason, Res Publica is used as the magazine’s name: to signify that politics is unique to human species, one that goes to the communitarian and deliberative aspects of human nature.

Editorial Stance

In an increasingly polarised world, ideology has become the driving force of many decisions. With deep questions over society and government, decision-making has long suffered from a deficit of evidence, practicality and non-tribal argument.
Ideas are the new currency. Our mission is to uncover, articulate and disperse the best ideas surrounding society, government and culture. To this end, it is our aspiration the magazine leads the way in thinking about global issues.
Res Publica is not backed by billionaires or corporations who influence its editorial content. It is an independent publication, accountable to nobody but its readers.


Embrace diversity of thought – At Res Publica, we believe diversity is the mother of good ideas. The key to discovering the best ideas involves ensuring a range of perspectives are heard and nurtured.
Provide a platform for the best ideas –We champion ideas which challenge authority, lead the reader down unconventional paths or go against established norms. Questioning power, decision-making and authority lies at the heart of our mission.
Present intellectual, analytical and persuasive arguments for changeRes Publica relishes good ideas which challenge assumptions and provide normative cases for how society should be, looking to the past to inform our future.


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