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TikTok May Be Rewiring the Human Brain

TikTok has been hailed as the newest social media craze — but is it damaging our brains?

The Coming Storm for British Media

Conservative critics of the British press want more than just a louder voice. They want the BBC dismantled and alternative views to disappear.
Zeyd Anwar

How the Republican Party Parted Ways With Republicanism

Trump's legacy will be the erosion of traditional Republican values.
Zarlush Zaidi

Almost £1bn Worth of Taxpayers’ Money Wasted on Failed Track & Trace Contracts

The Government's failure to prevent a second national lockdown will bill the taxpayer £982m of wasted costs.
The Editorial Board

Are Trade Unions Still Relevant?

Trade unions must soul-search in order to survive the digital age.
Zarlush Zaidi

Chomsky: “A Sharp Reversal Of Course Is Needed”

To Chomsky, the future of the human experiment lies in this generation’s hands.

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