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The SNP's Strong Leadership Has Been Crucial to its Success

The SNP's success has been due to the disillusionment with Westminster, true. But its successful and strategic cult of leadership cannot be ignored.

The Age of Fakes

How the culture of deception fosters a cyber state of nature.
Zarlush Zaidi

Boris Johnson's Philosophy of Optimism

Johnson’s optimism is rooted in a self-confidence and a life of privilege knowing things will always work out in the end—not some intuitive hope for the future of Britain.
Zeyd Anwar

TikTok May Be Rewiring the Human Brain

TikTok has been hailed as the newest social media craze — but is it damaging our brains?
Zeyd Anwar

A World Without Illusions

A Promised Land is the 44th US President’s political bildungsroman.
Zarlush Zaidi

The Strange Rebirth of a Defunct System

The message of Brexit was a reassertion of democratic nation statehood, not a desire to return to the age of empire.

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